Gawain Unlimited and Gawain Limited

Gawain Unlimited: off-duty musings on the strange and wonderful worlds of adult social care and the NHS at a time of deep financial constraints and largely shallow thinking.

An attempt to improve:

  • Policy formation – value-based policies and not policy-based evidence
  • Strategic insight – the ability to think and act strategically 
  • Organisational performance – a focus on outcomes, not process or performance management!

So nothing ambitious there. And cake. There will be cake.

That then Gawain Unlimited, as opposed to the day job which is, unsurprisingly, Gawain Limited – management consultancy and interim management in adult social care and health. [Contact: Peter Cox at]

The aims of Gawain Limited are much the same as Gawain Unlimited, with the necessary addition of earning a living.

Gawain Limited activities have included:

  • Development of commissioning strategies in: mental health, dementia, learning disability, older people, physical and sensory impairment; plus in Self-Directed Support (‘personalisation’), Supporting People, Prevention, Intermediate Care, Learning and Development, Safeguarding and Assessment & Care Management.
  • Design and development of integrated preventive services across health and social care for: Long-Term Conditions, Intermediate Care, older people’s services and learning disability services.
  • Development support to establish social business models for: an inner-London statutory sector learning disability partnership; a Housing Association providing home care services; a national independent sector provider of learning disability services.
  • Development and management of community-based dementia services including: day care provision, carer support services, specialist home care, residential short-breaks and multi-agency working between health and social care services.
  • Training and development in: person-centred dementia care; provider-side contract development and management; the Mental Capacity Act 2005; the Mental Health Act 2007; ‘Fair Access to Care Services’ and outcome based Assessment & Care Management; Information sharing between the NHS and Social Services.
  • Undertaking a pre-Inspection review of a Council’s adult social services, including revision of its safeguarding policies, processes and procedures.
  • Investigation of over twenty-five allegations of abuse or neglect within adult social care and health services, both statutory and independent sectors. 

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