Directors slam second round of adoption maps – 4/5/2013 – Community Care

Webb said: “The maps issued today by the Department for Education are useless, irrelevant and out of date. They tell prospective adopters little that is helpful…they take no account of the size of different local authorities, their populations or their relationship to each other.”He added the new Adoption Gateway would give adopters much more useful current information. “We would advise anyone wishing to know more about adoption to ignore the maps completely and contact ‘First4Adoption’ instead.”

via Directors slam second round of adoption maps – 4/5/2013 – Community Care.

– More from planet Solaris. As for ‘First4Adoption‘ that will serve you no better. A mish-mash of incomplete, irrelevant and contradictory information. Bits and pieces of pre-existing information from different agencies simply jammed together under one portal and deemed a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for prospective adopters.

Enables the policy makers – who’ve long forgotten they ever ordered this Caliban into being – to claim they have given the world ease and speed of access to adoption agencies, but in reality is a mere faltering simulacra. As befits Solaris.


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