Man jailed for fraudulently receiving £100,000 in direct payments – 3/28/2013 – Community Care

“A man has been sentenced to 30 months in jail after fraudulently receiving over £100,000 in direct payments from adult services at two separate councils.Kevin Arnold Kalloo wrongly claimed to be severely and permanently disabled, failed to disclose his level of wealth and income, received direct payments from two councils at the same time and did not admit that he was related to his carer, who was his wife.The 35-year-old from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, was convicted after an investigation by Brent council found him to be driving three separate cars, walking unaided and working, despite claiming to be partially sighted and otherwise disabled to both Brent and Central Bedfordshire councils.Kalloo, who pleaded not guilty, was unanimously convicted of ten counts regarding fraud carried out against the two councils from 2002-10, and sentenced yesterday at Harrow Crown Court,”

via Man jailed for fraudulently receiving £100,000 in direct payments – 3/28/2013 – Community Care.

– We’ll never know of course, but is instructive to consider how widespread such fraud is among claimants for ‘Personal Budgets’. Especially in troubled times when money is short, how great is the incentive to seek to persuade a Local Authority that you have a disability for which they will then give you a cash sum in lieu of services?

Under the old system of adult social services, if you managed to con the Council into believing that you had a disability you might be lucky enough to receive five hours a week of unwanted home care; now though that ‘personalisation’ has reduced social work and social care to a quasi welfare benefit process, you could well be offered a few hundred quid and told to make your own arrangements. Nice work if you can get it.

Tempted? Many will be.


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