Points Mean Prizes…

“I’ve given extra weighting to some of the criteria. For example, if they say they need personal care that scores three times the value of asking for help with shopping and six times wanting transport for leisure activities. That’s the essence of it for year one. But here’s the cunning part – we’ll wait and see which categories are least in demand and then shift the weighting towards those areas: they less they want it, the more we’ll invest in it. If something is too popular then we can cut back on that too. It’s important to recognise that we’re in charge of this system, and we can make it work for us not them.”

– 2009: Early discussion about the creation of a local RAS (Resource Allocation System) for determining the indicative level of a Personal Budget in Self-Directed Support (‘personalisation’ / ‘cash for care’).

“Today the Complex RAS is a disaster area.”

– 2012: Simon Duffy says sorry.

So what should we now do? How about sweep away the entire fantastical and discredited ‘points mean prizes’ system and go back to the lawful process of determining eligible social care needs then determining and agreeing the most cost-effective means of meeting those needs, using a Direct Payment where that is workable and wanted?


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